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With over 25 years of experience, our teams can help transform your home into a better, more comfortable living space that better suits your needs.

Are you having trouble finding someone because the job is too small?

Let us take care of your home repairs and renovations, so you can focus on other important things on your “to do” list !

We specialize in the renovation, and remodeling of residential and commercial properties in Toronto  and many other cities.
This includes the remodeling of
and more.

The quality of our work has given us the opportunity to collaborate in a several number of projects including residential, business facilities, hospitality facilities and multi-storey buildings.

Our expertise in construction, renovation, and remodeling, makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with your project needs. We have built a reputation of hard work and excellence by helping customers like you reducing costs and improving quality.

We are committed to work only with the best materials and the best team of subcontractors in order to ensure that all of our customers’ goals are fully met, and their needs fulfilled!

We also provide services to major General Contractors who agree on the fundamental fact that the best way to be sucessful and provide their customers with the best quality and service is to hire professionals.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Besides adding value, upgraded kitchens & bathrooms are more attractive, safer and easier to maintain, as well as more energy efficient and less costly to operate

Electrical & Plumbing

All our electrical and plumbing work is done by professionally certified & licenced tradespeople.

Drywall & Painting

We excel at drywall installation and both interior and exterior painting services. We will keep the job site clean and orderly on a daily basis.

We can provide a full and pleasant general contractor experience on your remodeling.
We are specialized in the remodeling of residential and commercial properties.We are an remodeling company with many years of experience, outstanding customer service and a great quality of work.

Wood & Tile Flooring

Replacing allergen-trapping carpets in your house or apartment with wood and tile flooring improves the air quality in your living or working space.

Construction & Repairs

Removal of disaster damage after events such as floods, storms, and fire will be done quickly & cleanly leaving the area prepared for renovation and restoration.

Planning & Scheduling

We will coordinate our work schedule with you and keep you informed on a regular basis when to expect sub-contractors.

We have the resources to address any issues, assist special needs of the client and provide continuous budgeting assessments throughout the duration of your project. Our job as General contractors is not only to construct and remodel. We will also assist you by preparing a detailed schedule for the project, constantly evaluate our performance and approach, and always seek better alternatives to serve you.

As a general contractor, we like to “get our hands dirty”. We take a “hands-on” approach to every project, maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in the contracting and remodeling business.

We would like you to consider us your one point of contact for any details or issues involved with your remodeling project; consider us your “one-stop-shop”. We can provide all of the services and materials needed to complete the remodeling, plus we will offer support at all phases of the project.

Call Roman Artisan Services to transform your existing house into a home for the future.

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