Planning & Scheduling

“Time is money”

to owners, builders, and users of the constructed facility.

Roman Artisan Services provides cutting edge construction scheduling capabilities that give our clients an effective construction management tool.
Potential problems are identified early and corrective actions can be implemented.
In this, negative cost and schedule impacts can be minimized or eliminated.
Scheduling specifications can be very complex;
We have  extensive experience with Government, Commercial, and Civil scheduling specifications.
Whatever your project requires, we can fulfill all of your scheduling needs while maintaining strict industry standards and contractual specifications.

Planning & Scheduling

…from the owners perspective:
• lost revenue — not receiving return on investment
• cash flow crunch
• potential alienation and loss of clients/tenants
• extended interest payments
• tax considerations
• negative marketing impacts

…from the users perspective:
• financial implications similar to owners
• delays in upgrading facilities means operating at
below optimum efficiency — higher cost
• delays in constructing or rehabilitating
infrastructure negatively affects businesses and
the public at-large

…from the contractor’s perspective:
• liquidated damages (negative)
• incentive or bonus (positive)
• delays result in extended overhead costs
and other liabilities
• delays also put a crunch on critical cash

Our team of Roman Artisan Services – Scheduling professionals are also experts
in Project Management and actual in-field Construction means and methods.
Our objective is to integrate the most advanced cutting edge technical tools with time-tested in-field Construction knowledge / expertise, into an effective construction management tool that is customized to meet the specific needs of each Project. 
Potential problems are identified early and corrective actions can be implemented before they become real problems.


Streamline your Construction process through coordination of the Estimate, Schedule, and Payment Applications.  Maximize efficiency through resource productivity analysis and tracking.  Optimize your CPM Scheduling / Project Management process and deliver a better project at a lower cost.

If you want to stream-line the Construction process and maximize efficiency to levels that you never thought possible, contact us.

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